Estate Planning

A Knowledgeable Lawyer for Developing Your Estate Plan in Wisconsin

It is a good idea to have an estate plan in place.  Even if you believe you do not own much property, an estate plan makes sure that your wishes are carried out if something unexpected happens – such as becoming incapacitated or passing away. Knowing that you have a plan in place is the best way to gain peace of mind, just in case. Remember, your estate plan isn’t just for you. It carries out your plan for your loved ones when you cannot do it.

At L’Esperance & Feidt, LLC, near Appleton, Wisconsin, we draft and review wills and other estate planning documents for our clients. Each estate plan is different. We tailor the estate plan we create to meet your personal needs, and it may include documents such as:

  • Will: A Will is a document directing to whom and how assets should be distributed after death. Wills can also name a guardian for your children, nominate a personal representative, and name specific keepsakes that should go to special people.
  • Trust: Trusts allow a third party to hold assets for someone else’s benefit. They can be complex and are used in different ways, from helping a family own a family farm across generations to providing a way for parents to ensure their young children can manage an inheritance.
  • Power of attorney (POA): Powers of attorney give someone else permission to manage your financial affairs if you cannot.
  • Healthcare directive: Healthcare directives provide instructions about your healthcare wishes and name someone to communicate those wishes for you. That person will make decisions about your care if you cannot.

Don’t Put Off Estate Planning

Sometimes, people wait to execute an estate plan. They mean to do it, but they just don’t make time to meet with a lawyer. One thing is true: It is better to have an estate plan that you don’t use than to need one and not have it. And most people don’t know they need one until it’s too late.

Get started today by calling our Appleton-area law office at 920-240-0117 or contacting us online. We offer confidential consultations. We’ll listen to your estate planning needs and recommend the right course of action to protect your interests and bring you peace of mind.


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